Robin Good: Webr is a new iOS app for your iPhone, which allows you to rapidly create web sites, with your preferred text, images and blog pages, without having any technical knowledge.

Finished websites may not look that great on your desktop computer, but they do look super ok on any iPhone device.

From the review: "...Once you’ve added the content you would like, it’s time to select what the overall site will look like.

The theme button takes you to the gallery of the 10 different setups you can select.

In the advanced settings you can select which of the pages you’d like to be your homepage, add images with captions, add meta data, as well as provide a direct link to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Any changes you make will not be released until you edit the site’s settings within the app. A green “done” button will upload all of the changes instantly, and you’re good to go.

You can even change the site’s name and the URL will change as well.


Any site you make will have the “” domain name as a suffix... The webr icon will also be nested in the bottom left corner."



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