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Robin Good: Soundgecko is a new web service which allows you to convert any RSS feed or web article into a MP3 audio file that can be downloaded and listened to on your iPhone (Android and Windows Phone versions coming soon).

From the official site: "SoundGecko is a text-to-audio transcribing service that lets you enjoy written content from around the web"

"With a SoundGecko subscription, stay up-to-date with the latest articles from you favorite blogs and websites RSS feeds by listening to them. Also send your PDF documents and more."

"Connect your Google Drive or Dropbox account and get MP3 audio files sent straight to your cloud drive so you can listen at home."

The free service account allows for 30 articles per month and one RSS feed, with no PDF support. The Plus plan at $4.95 offers a max of 100 articles read per month, 6 RSS feeds and PDF support.

A Pro account costs $7.95/month and it offers conversion of 300 articles, 30 RSS feeds and full support for PDF and DOC documents.

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