The Age of Multi-Screen Information Consumption: A Visual Analysis and Report from Google | Mobile Publishing Tools |

Robin Good: If you are interested i understanding how most people utilize and move between the use of their smartphone or tablet, to their desktops or TV screens and viceversa, this elegantly illustrated feature by Google, will definitely provide you with some new insight and some relevant data.

"Today 90% of our media consumption occurs in front of a screen. As consumers balance their time between smartphones, tablets, PCs and Televisions, they are learning to use these devices together to achieve their goals."

"...some insights from our latest research:

-> 90% of consumers begin a task on one device and then complete it on another device.

-> Smartphones are by far the most common starting point for this sequential activity.

-> TV no longer commands our full attention.

-> TV strategy should be closely aligned and integrated with the marketing strategies for digital devices.

In essence: "While consumers are using more than one device simultaneously, content viewed on one device can trigger specific behavior on the other.

Businesses should therefore not limit their conversion goals and calls to action to only the device where they were initially displayed.

Recommended. Both for the info as well as for its presentation and design approach. 9/10

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(Found via Alessio Carciofi)